Unlicensed Therapy

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I can honestly say that I have never had a bad time at a Unlicensed Therapy event. Always and I mean ALWAYS A GOOD TIME with great people and the entire band open up their souls on every song. what an amazing group.
Phil Reggie Rogers
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I'm hooked! Everyone was TERRIFIC. Seen a lot of music and I'm critical, very very good musicians. TOTALLY ROCKING KEEP IT UP.
Richard A
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You guys rock! We had a blast and will definitely be back for more and will tell our friends!!!
Laura B
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"I have lots of fun every time I come out to see your band play. I love how talented all of you are, and Teri being an awesome entertainer, I can't help but get out on the dance floor and dance until my feet hurt, lol."
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We had a great time last night you guys are awesome, you played all our favorites, you have 2 new fans!
I love this group! Rock on!
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That was the BEST New Year's Eve party I've ever been to!! That was soooo cool you played I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night!! You guys rock my world!!!!
Heidi Rhees Perry
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Unlicensed Therapy..You Rocked..Country and more the night away. I'm a new fan..Until next time be well...be safe and entertain..We had a Blast! peace. I moved out here from Vegas a yr n half ago.. lived and performed there since 85.. Unlicensed Therapy is as good or better than some of the lounge acts!
DW Keating, professional trumpet, French horn, vocalist and Louis Armstrong Tribute artist
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I've seen a lot of different bands and U.T. definitely ranks at the top. You guys have a personal touch that makes people think you are performing just for them. Your energy is contagious and it's obvious that y'all are having a great time! When the band has a great time, so do the fans!!
Matt P
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Great show in Elk Grove tonight! Very tight and professional. Very entertaining show!
Bob Wright
So much fun! You guys rock!
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Well, last night was a BLAST! Unlicensed Therapy ROCKED the house and my legs are still sore from dancing. THANK YOU Teri! We really appreciate the FAN-tabulous show you put on.
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Always a good time with Unlicensed Therapy - can't wait for my next shot of therapy seeing you guys!!!!
You guys rocked last night! I will definitely be out to see you again!
James Facchini